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Top 6 Things When Choosing an Appliance Repair Company in Montreal

When your fridge stops working and you don't want your food to spoil or your washer is leaking and you want to avoid water damage in your home, you need to contact an appliance repair company right away.

When shopping for a reputable appliance repair company, you want to make sure that they fix your appliance quickly, efficiently and for a fair price.

Here are 6 points to consider when choosing an appliance repair company:

1. Experience

One thing to consider is how long the company has been in business. If the business has been up and running for several years, the company has put the time and effort into training its technicians. You may want to ask if the company has had any previous experience with working with your brand of the appliance, as not all companies accept to work on all products. Technicians may have formal training on specific brands and models making them specialists in those fields.

2. Licensing and Certification

Have the technicians had any formal training and do they keep up to date with the newest technologies? When it comes to gas appliances, the technicians must be certified with a Tag 2 certificate to ensure they can manipulate dangerous substances safely.

3. A Solid Reputation

Check to see if they have a good rating online in places like Google and TrustPilot where it is difficult to have fake reviews. It’s normal to have some bad reviews, however, it’s how the company responds to these bad reviews that are important.

4. Customer service

Are the people answering your calls courteous and informative? If you leave a voicemail or send an email, do they reply quickly? Do the technicians carry a variety of parts in their trucks to try to have the repair done on the first visit?

5. Professionalism

Are the technicians showing up in uniforms? Do they wear shoe covers so they do not track dirt into your home? These days you don’t want to open your door to just anybody. A professional will present themselves in a uniform to identify the company they are associated with.

6. Pricing

Is the company pricing based on a fixed price or do they work by the hour? When technicians work by the hour, it can be more stressful for the client. If they work with a fixed price it usually indicates that they know what they are doing and they will be in and out to save the clients time and money.

Do your Research

It is important to investigate who you are choosing to invite to repair your appliances in the privacy of your home. Reading Google reviews and speaking with customer service representatives will give you a good idea of the experience, professionalism and pricing of a potential company.

Looking for a company that fits this criteria? Contact Flash Repair and book an appointment with our friendly receptionists today!


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